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Iron Man volume 3 #32

Marvel Comics (September, 2000)

“The Sons Of Yinsen” part 2: “Gods & Monsters”

PLOT: Joe Quesada & Frank Tieri

SCRIPT: Frank Tieri

PENCILER: Althia Martinez

INKER: Rob Hunter

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERING: Comicraft

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Tony is brought to the floating city of New Timbetpal, where he sees not only how big the number of followers of Yinsen are but that they treat him almost as a god. Together with the Sons, Tony attacks Wong-Chu’s base, but he tricks them when threatening hostages to make them remove their armor, and then shoots the hostages anyway. He also breaks out the claim that Yinsen is not only still alive but his prisoner!

What they got right: Conceptually the story makes the Sons Of Yinsen work. Each has their own take on the Iron Man armor, complete with unique weapons based on the wearer’s personal preferences. They’re also skilled fighters. It makes them unique, which would be interesting to see as a spin-off series. (Which will never happen by the way and I don’t know if they’re even still remembered given what happens to them in a later story.)

What they got wrong: I think they kind of overdo things here. In addition to the Sons there’s the citizenry of New Timbetpall, and the place looks like it’s about the size of Manhattan, so there’s a lot of people there. That seems like a whole lot of worshipers given that the citizens aren’t even involved in the Sons operation. I’m also not convinced that having Yinsen alive as well as Wong-Chu was a necessary direction. It makes for a good twist but it’s starting to cheapen the sacrifice Yinsen made in Iron Man’s origin.

Recommendation: This is getting interesting but I’m concerned about where this is going, especially given the future tales with them I know are coming. Worth a look at least.

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