“My years as giant robot paintball champion are finally paying off!”

Robotech: Covert Ops #2


Antarctic Press (September, 1998)




The team arrives at the Zentraedi moon base. While Roy and Max provide a distraction Rick leads an infiltration team to destroy the base from the inside. While there he finds one of the scout pilots still alive and rescues him while his team is killed returning to the ships. With his fighter destroyed Rick takes the pilot to his scout ship, where they get manage to escape before the base explodes. With Pandora now clear of the enemy, the SDF-1 can continue on their trip past Saturn.

What they got right: The art is still quite good. The action scenes are done well and while you have to look at the heads of the Battloids to see who is who (luckily Max’s fighter has a unique head design that the artist took advantage of) you can tell who’s who without the missing color. We also see Rick risk his life to rescue the remaining pilot (whose co-pilot dies off-panel during this issue) when his colleague didn’t and that ultimately saves Rick’s life.

What they got wrong: It is a bit early in continuity for Lisa to be worried about Rick, especially given their next meeting in the show based on where this goes in the timeline. Nobody seems all that concerned about the four men who died, including three members of the infiltration team and the one co-pilot.

Recommendation: A good Robotech tale that ties in mostly well to the episodes around it. Worth checking out.

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