In a rarity for me I only missed one comic. Legends Of Superheroes in Oakville, CT was only out on Punchline by the time I got there. Disappointing but missing one comic is pretty much a win for me. All the other comics were ready to go.

Unlike previous years when I would live-tweet the comic as I went through it this year I only put out my final opinion on the comic due to time. I managed to snag a trio of interviews which ate up a lot of my day getting. I even received a really cool print as a thank you from one of the interviewees that I really want to find a good frame for. It’s going to be easier for me to just post the tweets below of each of the comics, so it’s a bit truncated this year by necessity. Still, here’s what I came home with for Free Comic Book Day and my thoughts on them.

Hopefully Punchline will show up in comiXology like many Free Comic Book Day offerings but we’ll see. Overall I think this was one of my best Free Comic Book Day hauls. What were your favorites this year and did you find something new to check out? And did you buy something to benefit the comic store who paid for these so you wouldn’t have to? There were a few I probably won’t keep but under the circumstance I might do a contest or something, or give them to relatives. We’ll see as I want to go over them with a more critical eye once the excitement is over. That’s the future though. I will be doing more extensive reviews of this year’s haul in the Saturday comic review slot so prepare for those. I hope you had a great Free Comic Book Day and a great day in general.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    My Free Comic Book Day 2019 was pretty good. Last time, I participated in it was in 2016, and that was only to pick up the free comics for you because you were in bad health at the time and couldn’t get to your store. Well, just like in 2016, my town’s comic shop only allows adults to pick 2 free comics (kids are allowed to pick 4 free comics). So I picked up the Robotech free comic and the Star Wars Adventures free comic. The store was also running a special sale of EVERYTHING in the store at half price. So I picked up 2 back issues (Marvel’s 1978 Godzilla issue #10 where Godzilla battles a giant Yeti and Future Quest Presents issue #9 which focuses on the Herculoids) and 2 new issues that are Marvel one shots that connect with the Star Wars May the 4th Be With You Day…Star Wars True Believers (one issue is a reprint of the last Star Wars comic from Marvel’s 1977-1986 series and the other issue is a reprint of Star Comics’ Ewoks issue #1).

    The place was backed. Back in 2016, the store had actually hired a professional bouncer to help with crowd control. This time, there was no bouncer, but there were three smaller guys helping with crowd control (I recognize them as customers I’ve seen in the store sometimes). One very interesting thing was the guy who showed up cosplaying as Lando Calrisian from Empire Strikes Back. He was even doing a good job impersonating Billy Dee Williams’ voice. His hair and moustache were exactly like Lando’s too! I’m sure that more cosplayers probably showed up later because the store was sponsoring a cosplay contest.


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