I’ve tried to avoid it but it seems like every YouTube channel that discusses video games and/or movies has to put something out about it. I’ve been luckier with blogs but it seems I can’t avoid watching this thing, which means I’m probably not going to avoid talking about it. I considered doing a live reaction but I’m not very interesting on my own without a script (and for all I know even that doesn’t help) and the big studios have been willing to go after negative trailer reactions so I’ll just stick to articles.

Yes, we’re talking about the live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie, another bit of proof that not everything has to be live-action. Trying telling Hollywood that. They won’t believe you. This is a franchise designed for cartoons right down to the sprites for the original Sega Genesis video game. This should have been an animated movie. At least it wouldn’t have looked like this.

Let’s get the obvious problem out of the way first. “Gangster’s Paradise”? Really? You couldn’t have gotten the music from one of the actual video games? Or done a remix? Even if you swiped something from OC Remix, which only allows their video game soundtrack remixes to be used free if you’re an indie creator or doing a free project, it would have been better than a song about a man questioning his life in a gang. I remember Coolio being upset when “Weird Al” Yankovic did a parody of this song; I can only imagine what he thinks about this.

Yes, I know, everyone wants to talk about the character model but if you can’t tell it’s ugly, uncanny, slightly creepy, and has been done better by cosplayers then the only way you’re reading this now is through one of those self-reading programs and I probably sound like a robot right now. (Admittedly, that’s kind of cool.) They didn’t even try to replicate the game sprite and just made a hedgehog humanoid. There are furries who would call this an abomination because they know how to make an anthropomorphic hedgehog and this isn’t it. Also, is Sonic supposed to be channeling the Speed Force? What’s with the electricity?

Then there’s Jim Carrey’s portrayal of what I’m assuming is Robotnik/Eggman. I know Eggman has been depicted as a goofball in the more recent games and cartoons but this is overdoing it. I thought Carrey was toning things down lately but it’s only slightly more toned down than his portrayal of the Riddler. It’s like the direction he was given “less like the Cable Guy and more like Count Olaf if he was an idiot”. Finally you have the human characters, which is just giving me flashbacks to the live-action Smurfs movies, and you’ve already lost me.

This should have been an animated movie set on whatever Sega is calling Sonic’s homeplanet these days rather than this thing. Not everything has to be live-action, although there are plenty of video games that could have been translated to live-action. However, Hollywood doesn’t seem to care about animation (even Disney has been giving their classic animated movies a live-action makeover) or video game movies. Boy does that show in this trailer. I will not be seeing this movie even if they try to stick Tails in there. There’s a positive for you. They aren’t ruining Miles Prower like they are Sonic.

UPDATE: I’ve been hearing that the creators of the movie have heard the fans’ complaints and will be working to change Sonic’s design. That’s great and it’s nice to see the fans being treated seriously when they critique something. That doesn’t fix some of my other complaints but I don’t think they have time to fix Robotnik/Eggman for example. Still, it’s more effort than other studios of any medium has shown upset fans lately.

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