Luckily it’s 6 hours in Namekian time. He has until at least next Tuesday.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #29

DC Comics (October, 2000)

“Six Hours To Kill”

WRITER: Chuck Dixon

PENCILER: Joe Staton

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins

EDITOR: Bob Schreck

Batman arrives in the Batcave poisoned, trying to give Robin and Alfred clues and declaring he only has six hours left. Robin tries to go to Poison Ivy for help (which she only does because Harley convinces her that Batman dying is only fun if they get to watch) but it’s animal based, not plant based. Robin finally puts the clues together and tracks down the source of Batman’s poisoning and the diamond thieves Batman was tracking. Robin manages to get the leader poisoned from the same octopus, which forces him to give up the antidote, saving Batman as well as capturing all the bad guys.

What they got right: Robin (Tim Drake, DCAU version) gets his own adventure and it’s a really good one. It shows the strengths of DCAU Tim/Robin and he lives up to it with how he gets information out of Penguin and convinces Harley and Ivy to help out, as well as how he stops the bad guys.

What they got wrong: This one is on the DCAU. Tim Drake in the comics is as good if not better a detective than Batman, but that didn’t transfer to his DCAU counterpart, who seems to be a better version of Jason Todd rather than a proper Tim Drake Robin. I’m also curious where he got that plastic bag thing for Ivy and how he got her into it since she appears to be in stasis or something.

Recommendation: A great Robin story, although it’s the DCAU version of Tim, that’s worth picking up.

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