I really haven’t seen Robert Pattinson in anything. I know he’s mostly known for the Twilight movies, but it’s Twilight. You’re the dummies who went to see it and you only have yourselves to blame. However, that’s not the only movie on his resume and Bam! Smack! Pow! contributor Mark Lynch makes the case for actually seeing what he can do as Batman before jumping on his case, seeing as he hasn’t even been confirmed for the role yet. You’ve been proven wrong before. Maybe somebody can recommend some movies that actually given an idea how well he could portray Batman or Bruce Wayne?

Keaton did surprisingly well in the role, and at the time he wasn’t really known for dramatic performances as most of his work had been in comedy. Val Kilmer was handed a bad script written and directed by someone who didn’t understand Batman. George Clooney…yeah, that didn’t work at all. Christian Bale had that weird gravely Batman voice but people speak highly of his performance beyond that. Adam West has his supporters, as does Ben Affleck (also handed a bad script by someone who didn’t understand Batman). I want a sample of what he would bring to the role and more importantly what the story is going to be before I start getting concerned.

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  1. […] I was not among the voices of those whose gut reaction to having Robert Pattinson play Batman in the upcoming The Batman movie. Coming down on him for one character, Edward of the Twilight franchise, seemed a bit harsh since that’s not all he’s done. Since the movies finished Pattinson has done other movies, mostly indie films. I don’t know what else he can do so based on one character I’m not going to say he’s wrong for the part. There was an uproar against Michael Keaton playing the role and there wasn’t even an internet yet, at least not as we know it today. […]


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