Visual effects nowadays are amazingly easier. Anyone with a computer and the right software, from high-end programs like Adobe After Effects to free programs like Blender, can do it. Doing it GOOD however is something even big screen movie budgets don’t always get right. It takes a high level of skill to get everything right to properly trigger our suspension of disbelief, and as the process improves more is required of the CG artists. Even on YouTube, where you know they’re on a smaller budget and will open your mental eye up a bit more (or possibly squint more, depending on how you approach that metaphor) because of it, making it look good enough is still important.

The team at Corridor Digital have made an art out of comedic action skits using computer effects, since they don’t have the budget for practical effects. Frankly it’s a process less and less directors seem to want to put the time and budget into because so much of it goes to this or that celebrity. In these two video three members of the team go over various trailers and movies to see how they approached computer effects and why some work while others make us cringe.

You can see why change was demanded for the Sonic character model for the live-action movie. And to their credit they say they’re going to fix it. Whether or not they do or make it better we have yet to see.

For more of their behind the scenes check out the Corridor Crew YouTube channel, and to see what they can actually do on a YouTube budget check out their main Corridor Digital channel.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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