While Jim Henson Productions sold off the Sesame Street Muppets to the Sesame Workshop and the Muppet Show Muppets to Disney (I don’t know why) they still own the rest of the Muppets empire. This includes The Dark Crystal and we fans have wanted to see more from this world (which I only learned a few years ago has a name, Thra). While we have gotten two really good prequel stories in the comics (and I think another series I have yet to see) we’re now getting a prequel series on Netflix. Here are the early images, which will be using puppetry to I assume tell the story of the Dark Crystal’s shattering (although I think the comics covered that) and what happened to the Gelflings, plus how Jen and Kira survived and got a hold of the Crystal shard.

I wish I had Netflix. For every poor She-Ra re-imagining we get stuff like this.

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