What is he doing, protecting the battlefield from intruders?

Robotech #3

Antarctic Press (July, 1997)

“Megastorm” finale

WRITER: Fred Perry

ARTIST: Ben Dunn



Prototype 001: “Tigercat” part three



In the main story Kohrah’s unit invades the ship in one of the Macross City areas and starts hunting for the anti-grav modules. Roy and Max manage to get away from the battle and go after them, but not before two of modules are damaged. They defeat the rest of the group but Kohrah manages to evade them, planning a kamikaze run on the last module. Lucky for our heroes the ship fully powers up for an overdrive maneuver and the charged module destroys Kohrah first. The SDF-1 manages to break away from Jupiter and arrives at the asteroid belt before going to Mars, which is where we’ll resume the episode adaptations.

What they got right: It’s a good finale. Kohrah goes down like Kaaj did yesterday, in glory but since he’s the villain here he still goes down in defeat. Roy and Max get to kick all kinds of butt. And we have an adventure around Jupiter leading to the episode where they arrive on Mars.

What they got wrong: What’s all this talk about Max testing a new plane and being demoted to hide the test? I guess that helps explain why Max was put on Rick’s team later as he waited for a proper opening, but I don’t think anybody asked for that. Rick is given his own squadron and they decided to stick one of their aces into the new unit. I’m not seeing the problem here.

Back in the flashback story Roy tries to make himself nice for Lisa (I hope Nomura isn’t trying to have Roy hit on Lisa) while the psycho pilot is still on the loose. Given his place in The Sentinels I’m now questioning if this is T.R. Edwards. The story still feels tacked on and unnecessary given how little room is actually given to the story. We won’t be seeing it again in these reviews until we reach the Masters period of Robotech because that’s when this series fits into the timeline.

Recommendation: A good main story overall that has something happen between Saturn and Mars. It’s worth giving a look at.

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  1. Robotech my favorite toys when I was little.


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