Yes, there was a Police Academy comic. No, it wasn’t based on the movie. Unless one came out after this.

Yep, that existed. and they made a comic book.

It’s a good thing New York has superheroes with these cops.

Police Academy #2

Marvel Comics (Mid November, 1989–yes, they were doing the “mid month” thing at this time)

“The Beast From 2 1/2 Fathoms” and “The Cookoo Commandant”

WRITER: Angelo Decesare

PENCILER: Howard Post

INKER: Jacquelle Roettcher

COLORIST: George Roussos

LETTERER: Rick Parker

EDITOR: Sid Jacobson

In the first story Mahoney’s date (with a woman whose name he can’t remember) is interrupted by a sea monster, but the gang finds out it’s actually a sub that’s part of a plot to steal from a yacht they sunk. In the second story Commandant Harris is giving a lot of strange orders but Mahoney, Jones, Sweetchuck, and House discover it’s a children’s show quick change artist who wanted revenge on Harris and was trying to make him look bad during his vacation.

The problem with reviewing this is everything they get right is wrong. The comic features the art style and comedy found in the cartoon almost perfectly, which is usually something I would tout as a good thing. The problem is the cartoon’s comedy is kind of terrible. Look, I’ll defend cartoons based on more grown-up properties like Rambo, RoboCop, and even the Aliens series (yes, they tried that) because I can see that concept working for kids, especially after they saw ads during the daytime and family hours (that were toned down but still wanted to attract the parents and older siblings) and saw it was interesting. NOTHING about the Police Academy franchise beyond cops doing silly things would attract kids outside of maybe Jones and his sound effects (which in the cartoon was done by ACTUAL sound effects, which is kind of lame). This is one property that really doesn’t translate well to kids, so they added in stuff that would work for toys. (Because of course there were toys.)

I have nothing against the comedy of the show although it didn’t age well with me but it still baffles me why they decided this would be a good show for kids. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there has a love for the show because they saw it as a kid, possibly before the movies (I think I saw a couple of the PG movies before the series–probably didn’t get fully get the Blue Oyster gag, which thankfully is missing from the show), and they would enjoy the comic. They did try to create a kids version of the show, explaining the name as the “Police Academy Precinct” but Tackleberry now carries gimmick bazookas (he uses one to fire ice cream in the first story), the gang gets all kinds of weird gadgets from the Professor, but for me it never really worked and I can’t really recommend the show or the comic.


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  1. Cool never knew they had a comic book.


    • The cartoon did. I don’t know if they ever based one on the regular movies or that one live-action series I’ve heard of.


      • Did you ever happen to read the original doomsday appearance through different DC characters comic before he got to Superman?


        • Sadly, no. While I have reviewed the novelization (The Death & Life Of Superman by Roger Stern) as my previous Chapter By Chapter book the only issue I was able to pick up back then was Superman #75, the actual story where Superman died, and I got that for Christmas. I do want to see the entire storyline for myself at some point.


        • I collected and read them as each one came out and it was the best time I have ever read comics. Getting different characters comics whether you liked them our not was amazing. I’m going to ask you a question and it’s just a question? Did you write about any spawn or one of my favorites was the wildcats from image? They are old comics bit great ones. I feel off on comics but you reminded me how much I loved them.


        • The short version is Spawn is not my kind of comic. My very first article here was saying good things about the show, which I also don’t care for but was still of high quality. It was my noting one of the themes of this blog is you can dislike something even if it’s good and like something even if it isn’t that great, and that’s okay.

          As far as WildCATS I only own a reprint of issue one and an adaptation of an episode of the cartoon. Both have been reviewed.


        • Cool. Was just wondering. I’ll look for the wildcats review. Thanks!


  2. Sean says:

    The cartoon’s theme song was performed by the Fat Boys, an 80s hip hop group. Of course, almost every 80s cartoon had to have a toy line. So nothing surprising here with that. Although Thundarr the Barbarian didn’t have a toy line, and that’s one 80s cartoon that I wish did have toys. The Blue Oyster gag would probably not be used in a modern movie though. Times have changed. If Marvel’s Star Comics had still been around in late 1989, then the Police Academy comic book likely would have fallen under that banner. It was in early 1988 that Marvel’s Star Comics folded. So comics such as Heathcliff and Visionaries were then printed under the regular Marvel banner for the duration of their runs.

    The Police Academy cartoon was definitely not as popular as the movies.


    • If you go to the title page of the first story they still have “Star presents”, so this that weird period where the cover said Marvel but it was still treated like a Star Comics title. Of the comics I’ve reviewed ALF and Mighty Mouse did the same thing.


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