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Dear Justice League Free Comic Book Day 2019

DC Comics/DC Zoom (May, 2019)

WRITER: Michael Northrop

ARTIST: Gustavo Duarte

COLORIST: Marcelo Maiolo

LETTERER: Wes Abbott

This is a sampler for the DC Zoom graphic novel for kids, containing two of the letters asked of the heroes by kids. (Not actual kids I don’t think.)

The first question in the sampler is for Superman, as a boy who made a big goof wonders if Superman makes big mistakes. Turns out he has his own oopsy moment. Later, Hawkgirl is asked if she eats small rodents like her namesake bird but she doesn’t, which is good news for her hamster. Unlike Superman’s tale Hawkgirl’s letter is not part of the adventure we see her in, and while I won’t go so far as call it an afterthought I wish there had been a stronger connection than a concerned hamster. I’m also wondering why Hawkgirl was used in the sampler instead of the more recognized Wonder Woman, but she’s not a bad choice. We have one male and one female hero and that’s okay.

From the original Twitter review: “Superman screws up big time and Hawkgirl feeds her hamster, tied to questions asked by kids. While I should be mad it was just so funny and in-character. Might end up being a good graphic novel. Still wish kids were getting superhero tales.

I’ve voiced my disappointment in the past that these are the only kids of superhero comics for kids when I grew up at a time when the main series would qualify as all-ages unlike today. I became a DC fan through the comics and Super Friends up to when Dan DiDio and his pals ruined the DCU. While I stand by that I have no problem with these kids of comic existing. These are fun tales and a better way to show superheroes are just like us than some of the stuff I’m seeing from DC or Marvel today. The art style matches the comic well and are quite cute, especially Hawkgirl’s hamster.

Going by this sample alone Dear Justice League looks to be a fun story for kids and adults might get a chuckle or two out of it as well. Worth looking into.

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