It’s one thing to not defend yourself. It’s another to make sure nobody stops your best friend from torturing you.

Iron Man: Bad Blood #3

Marvel Comics (November, 2000)

“Enemy Mind”

PLOT: David Michelinie & Bob Layton

WRITER: David Michelinie

ARTIST: Bob Layton

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERER: Saida Temofonte

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Rhodey and Happy compare notes and realize something is seriously wrong with Tony. Rhodey manages to get into Tony’s house to find the Evaders all gone as Tony gets more and more belligerent. Talking Jocasta into helping, Rhodey learns that some strange cells have been introduced into Tony’s body. They come up with something they’re sure will cure him, but Tony manages to get the drop on Jocasta and traps Rhodey in a force field. However, Rhodey fights his way through the field and inject Tony with the cure just as he starts putting on his armor. Both collapse with the narrator noting that there’s only one heartbeat.

What they got right: We finally get an answer to Tony’s current state of mind and it’s a good and interesting problem. I’m not sure if these “stealth cells” are supposed to be technology or biological but it’s a different threat. Rhodey gets to shine in this issue as he uses his head to figure out how to get the answers he needs and shows how much he cares for his friend.

What they got wrong: Part of the cure involves Tony bleeding through the mouth and his eyes, which I don’t care to see. His armor seems to disappear once Rhodey injects him when it’s practically closed on him a panel before. Also, Blacklash seems to be blue in the flashback, like he’s a Smurf.

Recommendation: Hopefully the conclusion is as satisfying as the story itself. Thus far it appears to be worth checking out.

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