Bubbles tries to one-up Squirrel Girl.

The Powerpuff Girls #1

DC Comics (May, 2000)

“Squirrelly Burly”

WRITERS: Jenifer Moore & Sean Carolan

ARTIST: Phil Moy

COLORIST: Dave Tanguay

LETTERER: Janice Chaing


EDITOR: Heidi MacDonald

CREATOR: Craig McCracken

When the girls battle Mojo Jojo, a squirrel is hurt. Bubbles (who can talk to squirrels and learns his name is Twitchy) decides to take care of it but wanting it to get well fast she feeds him a little Chemical X, which heals him but also grants him superpowers. The girls adopt him as their mascot and he helps defeat a monster, but flash bulbs at an award ceremony drives him nuts (no pun intended). Professor Utonium tells the girls that he belongs in the wild, where he saves another squirrel from a hawk. I think he’ll be fine.

What they got right: The art and coloring matches the show perfectly. The story itself feels like it could have been an episode of the show.

What they got wrong: Instead someone ripped off the concept and created the episode “Stray Bullet“. It was a good episode as I recall, but a blatant rip-off of the idea in this one, even if Lauren Faust and Shellie Kvilvang did their own take of it.

Recommendation: A good first issue. Worth looking into for fans of the original show.

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