“Wait, did I turn off the barbecue grill before I left?”

Hope #1

Source Point Press (2019)

“The Day The World Went Away”



ART DIRECTOR: Joshua Werner

EDITOR: Heather Antos

A family is out driving when a news report comes on the radio about the superheroine Hope, one of the superpowered beings known as Ultras that started popping up five years ago. While debate goes on about their being registered, the husband is very anti-Ultra but the daughter is very pro-Ultra, especially Hope. What neither of them knows is that the matriarch, Julie Lavelle, is Hope. When they get into a car crash Julie flies them to the hospital, exposing her identity. The husband is comatose and the daughter is taken away by child protective services to protect her from her own mother.

Original Twitter Review: Let me say any problems I have with this comic is purely personal, the same reasons I can’t get into X-Men comics. I thought the comic itself was actually quite good.

I stand by this. I really like the art and the story itself looks like it could be a good one. The problem is that is too close to the X-Men and the idea of mutants. I’ve never really gotten into the stories because a lot of the mutant hatred in the Marvel universe makes no sense where there are other heroes that resulted from radiation mutation like Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. It’s also not the comic I was (pardon the term) hoping for. From the short preview on the Free Comic Book Day website I thought it would be a fun story about a wife and mother who has to balance her life with her secret superhero life while dealing with a husband who hates and fears superbeings. There was a lot of potential there that I really wanted to see. Instead it’s about a woman who loses her family thanks to an accident and the government and it’s just not the story I was looking for.

It’s nice to see the term “ultra” used for superbeings again since the end of Malibu’s Ultraverse when Marvel tore it apart for their coloring process I bet they don’t even use anymore. It’s a good term for superbeings but I wonder if all ultras are born with their powers like the Marvel mutants or if they get them through other means like their Malibu namesake or through some cosmic event that grants random people superpowers? I’m guessing one of the latter two given a flashback to aliens.

There are some good moments from a pure storytelling perspective however. When the car accident happen people are using their phones to take pictures of the civilian-garbed Julie, and she calls them out for not using them to call for help. However the guy who accidentally hit their car is confused because she’s the superhero, and thus the help. One of the doctors is a friend of Julie’s and tries to keep her calm after her identity is exposed and tries to find a way to tell her the government was taking her daughter away for no good reason besides fear of ultras.And if I was supposed to be mad at the government lady who told Julie that her daughter was taken away to protect her from her own mother it worked. At least the security guy’s reaction was understandable as was Julie’s response to everything.

While this isn’t a series I personally would get into as a comic reader, as a critic I really have no complaints. This could well be a good series and worth looking into. It’s just not what I was looking for.


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