This never gets old.

Longtime readers know I do love my Wolverine abuse, within limits of course. Hate that guy, but I haven’t given up my humanity even for fictional characters. So many writers want to make him the awesomest ever but the next writer will purposefully eliminate any character growth of his or her predecessors so they can write the angry feral man. They created a character whose sole purpose is undoing Logan’s character growth. I’ve grown to hate the character and everyone insistence he’s the best ever just makes it worse. I don’t respond well to peer pressure.

Wolverine abuse is also fun because he cannot die. Or at least if he does it isn’t for long and he comes back with a freaky new power because he wasn’t awesome enough somehow. The Wolverine shrine needs an extra mark or something. However, it is possible to really ruin Logan’s day and it is possible to at least temporarily kill him, which by superhero comic standards is close enough for government work. Kyle Hill of Because Science explains the many, sometimes gross, ways to create Wolverine abuse if you’re a supervillain. Or me.

And because I can’t get enough Wolverine Abuse, the usual follow-up video based on responses from the comments at the time gives us clarity, corrections, and more ways to take out the big jerk.

You can catch more Because Science and their new spinoff show Because Space with Doctor Mu on their YouTube channel.

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