Never make fun of Breetai’s eyepatch.

Robotech: The Macross Saga #10

Comic The Comic Company (March, 1986)

“Blind Game”


PENCILER: Mike Leeke

INKER: Chris Kalnick

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

Rico, Bron, and Konda give their report but their conflicting opinions lead to a fist fight, which doesn’t make Breetai happy. Exedore suggests they could work out their frustrations by being more aggressive. This is something Khyron takes to when he damages the radar tower on the battlefortress. Meanwhile, Rick and Lisa have another argument after Ben’s ship is damaged but Lisa soon learns Rick had a point when she sees what happens to a ship that falls apart in space, and its pilot. With Earth ordering them to stay away and not being able to offer assistance, Lisa is ordered to take a Cat’s Eye plane to replace the long-range radar until it can be repaired, and Breetai seizes the opportunity to capture it and the people inside. Vermillion squadron attempts a rescue and Max even manages to send Breetai into space, but Zentraedi survive in space better than humans and manages to get the drop on Ben, as seen on the cover.

What they got right: The comic fixes an animation error during the fight with Breetai, where the animators couldn’t tell whether it was Max or Ben/Hayao struggling with Breetai. There’s a cute scene further defining the growing rift between Rick and Minmei as the Bridge Girls run across him in the park just before she calls to cancel their date. Lisa also gets to see that for once Rick was right in trying to get Ben back for repairs when his ship is damaged and it affects her to see a different pilot (falsely attributed to “Rick’s fighter” in the Robotech dialog) actually die in space as his plane falls apart.

What they got wrong: It did however forget to show Roy also get on Rick’s case for his big mouth even if he was right. Some of the dialog changes do alter responses a bit (the comic doesn’t note the plan to capture a “micronian” alive) and while the animation error was fixed sometimes the word balloons got who was saying a line wrong.

Recommendation: A good start to the next story arc as our heroes finally confront the Zentraedi, plus good character moments. Worth seeing or reading.

By the way, saw this bit of text oddity in the episode I wanted to share.

Forget the UN Spacy/RDF, apparently they’re joining Starfleet.

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  1. Sean says:

    Issue #10 has a classic Comico Robotech cover. One can witness the intense rage on Breetai’s face as he attacks Ben in his robot. This is one of those covers that has always been very memorable to me. I want to get my hands again on issues #10 and 11 to read again the classic tale of what happened when the Micronians were on the Zentraedi ship for the first time because the way it was depicted in Titan’s Robotech comics is totally different. I prefer the classic tale in that regard.


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