Industrial Light & Magic was created for Star Wars. Literally. George Lucas created the company to innovate special effects to make his movie look the way he wanted it. There were a few limitations, which would lead to the Special Edition edits a couple of decades later, but that’s what they were designed for, going on to do other movies afterwards.

What the prequel trilogy lacked in dialog and performance didn’t change the innovations in the new field of computer effects that were made in the three films. Some of them are amazing and hold up, while others kind of don’t. YouTube VFX stars The Corridor Crew takes a look at these effects to see what still looks amazing and what they screwed up.

For the record, Jake Lloyd was the kid in Jingle All The Way so we all just learned something there. Darth Maul was actually shown to be alive before Solo: A Star Wars Story in Cartoon Network’s The Clone Wars, having somehow survived based on his own rage (which drove him insane for awhile) and turned himself into a cyborg. I think he finally dies in the Rebels cartoon but I’ve only seen the first season. It was a dumb idea in my opinion.

Catch more behind the scenes and VFX critiquing on Corridor Crew’s YouTube channel.

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