Remember we looked at the crazy Star Trek licensing and why both the CBS and Movie versions were so off? And remember my Finally Watched review of Spider-Man: Homecoming where I talked about how wrong the lore was? Turns out they’re more alike than I realized.

Oh, it’s not the SAME thing, but licensing apparently is playing a part in why the Spidey-lore was all messed up just like with the Star Trek continuity. Yes, there’s a reason MJ isn’t Mary Jane, why Ned is nothing like his old self, and sexy hippie Aunt May is more like a better version of that terrible romance comic Marvel put out once than our sweet, doting aunt.

I honestly don’t know what doting means. I just really love this scene.

As usual the team at Midnight’s Edge uses their investigative powers to uncover just why the MCU Spidey gets Peter’s personality right and not much else as well as going through all the talk surrounding what is going on with the confusing Sony/Marvel Studios joint production because Sony doesn’t want to lose a license they only got right three times out of six. (And that’s counting Into The Spiderverse.)

Venom should be going into the Spiderverse, not Spider-Man into the Venomverse. Without Spider-Man and the first Secret Wars miniseries there wouldn’t be a Venom. That’s the problem with this whole license. Marvel licensed out their characters without realizing someday they would have their own studio. Fox did the same thing with X-Men and Fantastic Four, not caring about the quality of the movie so they could hold the license just as superhero movies were becoming popular again. I don’t see the same solution happening with Sony Pictures. I doubt the Sony empire is willing to lose their movie arm. Still, it means too many people are getting the wrong idea as to what Spider-Man’s lore and history are supposed to be, and licensing issues aren’t the excuse for the vast majority of Hollywood screwing up adaptations lately, especially in the genres they don’t care about. They need to work on that.

Catch more Midnight’s Edge on their YouTube channel, as well as sister channel Midnight’s Edge After Dark.

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