In a previous video I posted from the YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge we heard about decisions made by CBS considering Star Trek that are making a negative impact on Paramount’s own Star Trek movies. This might be confusing since I’m sure most of you thought Paramount owned Star Trek. It was right there in the credits. Paramount and Paramount Home Video distributed the various Star Trek movies. Why wouldn’t they be the rights owners? Basically it comes from a rather bad decision, the same kind of anti-sci-fi bias that killed Doctor Who despite both being successful worldwide, and corporate shenanigans.

In THIS video from Midnight’s Edge, the team looks at those licensing issues and how Lucille Ball, Viacom, a well-meaning split of companies that didn’t take into account who had which license, and genre hatred has led to the strange licensing issues Star Trek has and why CBS owns Star Trek but Paramount still has their own Star Trek. It should be less confusing if you pay attention.

I really don’t have anything to add here. I do plan to have the follow-up video mentioned as Midnight’s Edge continues to unravel this rights mess. If you want to get there before I do, follow their YouTube channel to keep up to date.


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  1. […] In a previously posted video from Midnight’s Edge we looked at the confusing history of the Star Trek license with a follow-up promised. Recently they released that follow-up, which includes how the licensing disaster, egos, major screw-ups, and genre bias has also messed up the Star Trek multiverse to the point that you don’t know what reality you’re setting foot in. Is it the classic continuity? The movies by Bad Robot? What’s the Prime continuity and does it involve the Transformers? It’s all a total mess and there’s no proof it’s going to get better. […]


  2. […] we looked at the crazy Star Trek licensing and why both the CBS and Movie versions were so off? And remember my Finally Watched review of […]


  3. […] usually through the excellent work of the Midnight’s Edge team over on YouTube. It’s a very long story. Basically, when they split CBS and Paramount parent company Viacom apart the Star Trek license got […]


  4. David says:

    Nothing in either of these videos even resembles the truth. Midnight’s Edge are a channel of white supremacist extremist that spread lies about Star Trek and other science fiction franchises that don’t star exclusively straight white men. Their channel exists to recruit and radicalize fans into alt-right political extremism. One of the ways that they lure in the more angry gatekeeping fans is by making up complete convoluted lies about how the new Star Trek shows aren’t actually canon, because of all the lies that they told in these videos.

    Don’t spread lies from extremists.


  5. […] Trek. Until J.J. Abrams formed what’s called the “Kelvin Timeline” due to rights issues and suspected desires to get a piece of the “20% different” merchandise, there was only […]


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