HGTV won the right to restore the home used for exterior establishing shots of the Brady home in The Brady Bunch. Now they have a contest going where the lucky winners can spend a week in December in the famous home. Apparently they’ve done what they could to make the interior look like the original home, although the layout may not quite be the same. TV sets don’t always match the inside of the real house they’re faking being in.

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  1. Sean says:

    I’d rather enter a contest where the winner gets to go on an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii to see the areas where the Brady Bunch in Hawaii episodes were filmed!


    • You want to go someplace HOTTER than Connecticut has been lately?


      • Sean says:

        The Hawaiian Islands have the ocean breezes that make it feel nice. And actually it was hotter in CT than it was in Hawaii. Hawaii is usually in the 80s in the summer with the ocean breezes….so it has a pleasant tropical island climate. The heat we had over the weekend is the typical Texas and Arizona weather in the summer.


  2. Sean says:

    I could use some of that Hawaiian shaved ice right about now!


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