I’ve been keeping track of the situation at CBS and Paramount regarding the Star Trek franchise, usually through the excellent work of the Midnight’s Edge team over on YouTube. It’s a very long story. Basically, when they split CBS and Paramount parent company Viacom apart the Star Trek license got split and a lot of annoying stuff has come out since because of it. Picard seems to be the only things fans are praising since the release of the trailer at Comic-Con.

However, just as Star Trek: Discovery seemed to borrow a lot of their ideas (and by “borrow” I mean “outright steal”) from a indie game called Tartagrade it seems the initial concept at least for Picard may actually be taken from a pitch by the man who created Discovery only to be kicked out and his ideas replaced by what CBS stole from that game. Here’s the latest news and rumors from Midnight’s Edge.

CBS and Bad Robot/Secret Hideout should be ashamed of themselves. They’re not of course if history is any indicator but they should be. I’m not sure what problem they have with him outside of him wanting to work in the classic timeline, which I hope can be restored if CBS and Viacom do merge, even if we’re stuck with Abrams and Kurtzman’s vision as a parallel universe.

Follow these events over at Midnight’s Edge, and here are the full interviews mentioned in the video:

Finally, here’s that trailer that people liked.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I don’t usually go into the backstage drama but this one felt important given I’m a creator myself and this is a terrible thing to do to someone who created two works for you, even if one is stolen and one was heavily altered with someone else’s work. Sounds like they’re becoming more and more like the Ferengi over at CBS and Bad Robot. Or possibly the Orions.

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  1. Nowadays it strikes me that the backstage drama is sometimes more entertaining than the actual drama.

    We’ll see with Picard, but it also feels like a big rip off of Logan as well.


    • It’s at least more newsworthy. I try not to post much of the drama but as a creator I see stuff like this and it irks me. To see my hard work stolen by someone with enough money and clout to make me look like the thief makes them hypocrites when they get mad at people “ripping off” their work. It’s all about the money to them which is why they don’t understand good storytelling. All they know how to create is money, and sometimes not even that.


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