“He owed me 50 credits.” “Your people don’t use money anymore.” “Oh, um…he slept with wife.” “Nobody believes that one, Kirk.”

Star Trek #80

DC Comics (February, 1996)

“The Chosen” finale: “Collision Course!”

WRITER: Kevin J. Ryan

PENCILER: Rachel Forbes Seese

INKER: Pablo Marcos

COLORIST: Ray Murtaugh

LETTERER: Phil Felix

EDITORS: Margaret Clark & Jim McCann

After a nightmare where the same incident that threatens to start a Federation/Klingon war happens with the Romulans (which is where the cover comes from), Kirk reports that the investigation is ongoing. However, despite the lack of cooperation Kirk and Spock put things together and realize that the solution is to stop their mutual enemy at their next attack. They get the Romulans to agree, but the Ambassador isn’t sure this isn’t a trap. There’s a reason she keeps pushing that possibility and it’s not because she’s bad at her job. Her people believe that they are the titular “chosen” and anyone else is meant to test their faith about being the only life in the universe. When the Enterprise and Tal Shiar arrive at where they think the next attack will happen to the Romulans, Kang arrives and demands Kirk. They convince him to wait and see their enemy, who does arrive and attacks the Romulan colony with Klingon-style weapons. The three ships manage to damage their opponent, but while the Federation’s way is to have them stand trial the Romulans and Klingons decide to blow them up, with only the “ambassador” to stand trial while their planet is quarantined.

What they got right: The Metans (they come from Meta VI, which makes me wonder if there’s supposed to be something “meta” about this story that I missed but it’s probably just a coincidence) made of a different threat. While xenophobic species who want to wipe out everyone else isn’t new, even in Star Trek (see also the Daleks of Doctor Who or the Krill from The Orville), seeing everyone as fake was something new. They’re doing this because of some religious doctrine, which again is like the Krill. Trying to pit all three “fake races” against each other is certainly a good plan even if we have seen it before. I’m not sure they’d work again but as one-time threats they work fine.

What they got wrong: Spock recognizes the Metan ship from the first encounter in the issue just before this storyline. Those events, where the Federation found proof they didn’t attack the Romulans and the Romulans didn’t attack them, hasn’t been mentioned in the three-parter but they should have made that connection a lot sooner.

Recommendation: A good storyline, worth checking into.

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