The various Double Dragon adaptations, including the comic above, have not really been faithful to the video games. The comic was really good, the movie okay, and the cartoon at the bottom of the scale. None of them really do justice to the game series. The games themselves, first appearing in the arcades, made famous on the NES and Super NES, and getting themselves into as many gaming sources as possible (I’m pretty sure there was a board game and the trading cards came with scratch tickets that didn’t win prizes but was still a fun game as scratch-offs go), the franchise follows the estranged brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee in their various adventures both together and as rivals. Billy is usually treated as the hero although often both get to save the day. They’ve had numerous allies and enemies in the games alone, even teaming with the Battletoads. No, I don’t know why.

In this episode of Slopes Game Room, Daniel Ibbertson takes a look at the full history up to the posting date of October 12, 2016, and the many games under the Lee brothers’ belt. He also goes into how it all started thanks to a juvenile delinquent and Bruce Lee. Wait, what?

I own the original NES version of Double Dragon and once rented Double Dragon III for the same system. The first one holds up and the third one I wasn’t very happy with. Outside of that scratch ticket game I haven’t been able to play the rest of the series, although I wouldn’t mind getting to (at least the good ones) in the future.

Catch more of Slopes Game Room on Ibbertson’s YouTube channel. There’s also a wiki devoted to the franchise (because of course there is) if you really want to dig into the franchise.

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