“What some people will do to get see one of Minmei’s concerts.”

Robotech: Vermilion #3

Antarctic Press (December, 1997)


PLOT ASSIST: Alistair Syme

“Unsung Heroes” part 2

WRITER: Brian Farrens

ARTIST: Joe Weltiens

Rick and Lena escape and boobytrap their ship and search for a way to get back to the SDF-1. While searching they observe Raven arrive and hand over the remaining data to Khyron, who plans to disable the main gun and destroy the space battle fortress once and for all. They also learn that General Golic is in on the conspiracy and Raven is going to retrieve him before the attack. Back on the ship, the owner of the “deck” (it’s like a laptop) convinces Vanessa he’s innocent and agrees to find out who hacked his computer to sneak into the RDF files.

What they got right: Lena manages to pull herself together after her initial reaction to Raven’s betrayal. She’s not weak and still insisting he’s innocent because she’s smart enough to believe what’s happening right in front of her. The search for the conspirators is also interesting.

What they got wrong: I find it odd that Vanessa, a member of the bridge crew, seems to be in charge of the investigation. Shouldn’t there be someone on the ship whose job that is? Also, decks are essentially laptops, so why not call them laptops? Laptop computers existed in the 1990s and were popular enough that the reader would know what they are and accept they could exist in the Robotech future given when the ship first crashed on Earth in this timeline.

There isn’t much to the back-up story. Our small band is forced to destroy all the Invid to save themselves and thus not get their Protoculture energy cells, but another group is on the way, and it’s a lot larger. I wish these weren’t here. It takes away space from the main tale and isn’t given the space needed to properly tell its own story. This plot might have been better served as a one-shot or miniseries.

Recommendation: A good story thus far, at least for the main plot. The next issue is the last one so let’s hope this miniseries ends on the same high note it’s on now.

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