I didn’t realize Chuckie was missing until just now.

Rugrats was one of the shows that ushered in Nickelodeon’s “Nicktoons” programming block, original shows created for Nickelodeon. Before that they relied on shows from other countries or reruns that weren’t tied to a toyline. The show was hugely successful, with nine TV seasons and at least three theatrical movies. The show followed the adventures of a group of babies learning about the world around them and also the adults trying to be good parents and get through life. You had something for the kids and their parents. It even had primetime airings on the channel. So what happened?

Numerous factors went into the ending of the show, but the biggest fail was what was happening behind the scenes, as Saberspark shows us in the following video.

Check more of Saberspark’s reviews, histories, and commentaries over on his YouTube channel. Interestingly he didn’t really go much into All Grown Up, a show that tried to age the baby characters into I think middle or high school, and didn’t really catch on.

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