There’s a buddy cop movie nobody’s done yet.

Robotech: Vermilion #4


Antarctic Press (February, 1998)


PLOT ASSIST: Alistair Syme

“Unsung Heroes” finale

WRITER: Brian Farrens

PENCILER: Joe Weltjens

INKER: Kelsey Shannon

As the Zentraedi prepare to launch their attack, Rick and Lena sabotage and escape the ship before it explodes. Then Rick avenges Hiro when Lena helps him take down Raven, while the general behind the plan hangs himself rather than get arrested. More happens than this summary makes it out to be.

What they got right: This is a good finale. Rick and Lena work together, the crew manage to find the traitor, and the day is won. The fight between  Rick, Raven, and their respective comrades is well done.

What they got wrong: Why was this called Vermilion when Ben and Max barely show up in this story and it’s just Rick’s tale? Lena got over Raven very fast but when a wave from the destroyed ship hits the deck of the SDF-1 everything turns chibi and Lisa acts almost like she’s jealously “rescuing” Rick from Lena when she was just starting to ask if they could do something. She might not have even been asking him out, but Lisa isn’t really shown to be that serious about Rick yet, and again why is everything chibi in the last two panels?

The backup story ends with everyone dying at the hands of the Invid. I’m not against a tale where the Invid take out one of the rebel groups since this is Robotech after all, but I never had the chance to care about these characters so their deaths don’t mean anything to me.

Recommendation: This is a good miniseries, worth looking up.

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  1. Sean says:

    Tronix is using Japanese slang in his comic book review! I had to google the word “chibi” because I had not idea what it means.


    • I figured it had gotten into general art discussion. Apparently not. Sorry. It kind of makes me a hypocrite given a complaint I’ve had with fansubs and anime/manga discussions online.


      • Sean says:

        No, it’s totally ok to use Japanese slang. Hey, your use of the word sparked my curiosity and forced me to google what the word means. I think it’s totally fine to drop some words from the Japanese language when discussing Japanese animation.


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