Radioactive Man seeks Bartman’s help in getting into a Tony Hawk game like Spider-Man.

Simpsons Super Spectacular #4

Bongo Comics (2007)

LETTERER: Karen Bates

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Bartman: “Shadow Apocalypse Of The Sciencester”

WRITER: Tom Pever

PENCILER: Ty Templeton

INKER: Mike Rote

COLORIST: Nathan Hamill

Bartman Vs Screamapillar: “Scream A Little Scream…”

WRITERS; Nathan Hill (also colorist) & Jason Ho (also penciler)

INKER: Mike Rote

Radioactive Man: “The Day Radioactive Man Quit!”


INKER: George Broderick, Jr.

COLORIST: Art Villanueva

Our main story has Martin convince Principal Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie to allow him full access to the school, and as the Sciencester prepare a trap for Bartman. This one is kind of a mess. The scene with Sciencester and Kid Queasy (some kid named Wendell that Skinner puts him with) is unnecessary and kind of dumb and the ending is one big plot point. I think I get the joke but it doesn’t make the story interesting.

The next one is kind of short. Bartman as to rescue Rod and Tod from a giant caterpillar but it turns out to be a dream. I’m not sure what the point was to this one.

The Radioactive Man tale is something out of the Silver Age. The Cane Gang uses a gas that makes Radioactive Man afraid of radiation, so Fallout Boy gets a new partner in the form of Anti-Radiation Suit Man, which causes its own problems. It’s a fun little story and that kind of stuff did happen in the Silver Age. At least the book ended on a high note.

Overall, this issues wasn’t all that Spectacular. Maybe drop the second tale and allow a little more room for the Bartman tale to be better, and the Radioactive Man tale isn’t enough to justify going after this book. It’s an okay read but not a must-read.

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