At least that’s the comiXology version of the title.

Hermione really did grow up into a hottie!

Amelia Cole And The Unknown World

Monkeybrain Comics (2012)

WRITERS: Adam P. Knave & D.J. Kirkbride

ARTIST: Nick Brokenshire

LETTERER: Rachel Deering


There are two worlds, the magic world and the non-magic world. Amelia comes from and lives in the latter but works in the former. Somehow a “persuasion demon” showed up in the non-magic world, and while Amelia was there to stop it the monster killed a few people, but it shouldn’t have even been there. Amelia goes to the magic world to talk with her aunt Dani but the police in the magic world aren’t happy with her going back and forth between worlds as a vigilante and try to break in. Dani tells Amelia that there is actually a third world and Amelia is from that world, which she heads to with no knowledge of how that world works while Dani sacrifices herself to close the barriers between the magic and non-magic worlds.

What they got right: The art is really good. We get a good grasp of Amelia’s character and personality. She’s likable and confident without a huge ego.

What they got wrong: It’s her world (or worlds) that I feel like I missed a few issues form. This this whole backstory of Amelia being from the non-magic world, somehow ending up going between the magic and non-magic worlds, and her status as a vigilante in the magic world that may have been established in an earlier story but I’m flying blind here, so adding a third world (and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of differences between the worlds beyond one using magic and the third world as yet unknown) is just a bit confusing. I want to know more about her life before all this.

Recommendation: Otherwise I see a good story with some interesting potential. It’s not my usual genre (I think I got this as a freebie promotion or something) but it might be worth a look if this sounds like something more your style.

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