I’m going by what I’ve heard since I lack Netflix but it sounds like their She-Ra’s idea of stories about friendship involves slumber parties and proms while her totally not gay buddy wants to turn her evil again. When CLASSIC She-Ra does an episode called “Friendship”, they have Adora rescuing her best friend and her father from an island full of monster while her new friends go along to help even when she says she wants to go alone despite that being a really dumb idea. Tell me again why classic She-Ra is so bad for girls and lame cheese?

In this episode Adora learns her never before mentioned best friend from her days being tricked to serve the Horde is in danger and she goes to rescue her. Bow wants to help but Adora insists this is personal and not Great Rebellion related and goes alone. This goes about as well as you’d expect, showing nobody is perfect and why we need our friends to help us in great situations. Also, She-Ra befriends a not-dragon because of course she does. It’s what I found this week but I think you’ll like it.

Since they don’t have the intro I’ll add that to the mix. Why does the official posting not have openings and closings on their shows but will force a 4:3 show into a 16:9 aspect ratio?

For more classic She-Ra: Princess Of Power check out the official YouTube channel, and it’s also available with ads on a few other ad-supported streaming sites like Tubi.

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