Christopher Eccleston has played a number of roles but his most famous around here is the ninth Doctor in the relaunch of Doctor Who. He’s currently the shortest run for a canon Doctor, only lasting for one season. Since then he hasn’t attended a lot of fan conventions and was notably absent from the New Who crossover, replaced by John Hurt as a mid-incarnation called the War Doctor. In an upcoming book Eccleston reveals he was also battling anorexia at the time he was filling his one Doctor Who season. The article doesn’t say that this is why he hasn’t stayed tied to the show like his fellow Doctors, but given that news could you blame him if it was?

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  1. Sean says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Christopher Eccleston was going through anorexia and depression during his time as the Doctor. So of course, he wouldn’t feel nostalgic about those times when he was on Doctor Who. Luckily, Eccleston sought mental health help in 2015, and it sounds like he is doing better now.

    We often only think of actors and actresses in terms of the characters they portray, and we don’t stop to think about the possible real life struggles they may be experiencing.


  2. […] However, the War Doctor only exists because Eccleston didn’t want to return to the character. He had a terrible time during his run and didn’t want to return to the role, one of the reasons being his treatment […]


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