Okay, either Monkeybrain Comics was doing some promo with comiXology that I took advantage of or when I got some free credit as part of a comiXology promotion some years ago I coincidentally got a lot of their comics.

She’ll steal your heart. And your wallet. And the new Porsche. Oddly not your puppy.

Bandette #1

Monkeybrain Comics (2012–uploaded to comiXology July 2, 2012)

WRITER: Paul Tobin

ARTIST: Colleen Coover

Our title heroine is a thief in Paris, but she only steals from the bad guys. For example in this story she swipes a bunch of small Rembrandt drawings from an illegal arms dealer. Too bad he’s home with his mistress at the time. As they give chase, Bandette calls her friends for backup and they come to her aid just as police inspector B.D. Belgique reluctantly calls for her help with a bank robbery turned hostage situation. While that was going on a rival thief called Monsieur is hired for a very special job, with a very special reward.

What they got right: I like the art style. There’s some influence from Bruce Timm (whom Tobin has worked with in the past) but still original. The colors and the linework go well together. Bandette has an interesting personality and I like heroes with their own support network. And I wasn’t kidding in the caption gag; I thought she was going to bring the cute puppy with her. He seemed to like her.

What they got wrong: Is Paris the only city in France? You’d think so given how many stories in France are almost exclusively set there. Even when the production is made for France if Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir is any indication. Also, how is a thief also a crimefighter that works with the police? Even if she is targeting bad people we don’t know that the Rembrandt drawings are stolen, just that he sells guns to other bad people.

Recommendation: This looks like a really fun comic. Check it out if you can.

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