Not the last time the Joker dies via electrocution in the multiverse.

Notice the lack of shooting over the weekend after all the fear that Todd Philips’ Joker? Thinking people knew that this movie wouldn’t cause the mentally ill and so-called “incels” to go on rampages. I did a commentary on this last week. Comic ignorance and superhero/supervillain ignorance by the general public isn’t limited to Martin Scorsese’s recent comments about superhero movies being “less cinema and more theme parks” or even Bill Maher’s slamming of superhero movies. It isn’t even just at the level of Philips’ own snobbery towards his “real movie” version of a character that existed before he was born. This brought warnings from the military for Pete’s sake! Who does that?

Of course it was the anti-gun advocates and the families of the Aurora shooting during The Dark Knight Rises that made an opening for this. While this movie was more like The King Of Comedy than it was an actual tale of the Clown Prince Of Crime, people who know nothing about the Joker got worried because the Aurora shooter claimed he was the Joker. Except he actually didn’t. After posting my commentary I stumbled upon this video from Midnight’s Edge that puts together the true history of the Aurora shooting and the exaggerated warnings towards Joker. It’s even more proof that all of this controversy was a bunch of hogwash meant to cash in on the movie to push an agenda. Note that Andre, the man behind this video, is not an American and doesn’t have a political agenda. Like BW Media Spotlight, the crew at Midnight’s Edge fights to keep politics out of storytelling analysis despite it’s continued creeping into our lives and entertainment.

Catch more Midnight’s Edge on their YouTube channel.

I complain (maybe not often here but it may have come up at least once) that the problem with the mainstream, including mainstream press, looking at video games and comics…and even TV and movies–so basically visual media, is that they only look at the surface of the story, the various trappings, and make their judgments based on that alone. Apparently you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but you can judge a movie by some random clips or the DVD/Blu-Ray cover in their minds. That’s why they think animation is only for kids. It’s why just hearing the Joker character connected to a shooting, even if it turned out to be one guy talking out of his backside and there was no connection, makes them jump. They also seem to think being celibate equals “going on a killing spree” if “incel” alone (and until this video I didn’t know what the word meant) is enough. What about people who can’t get dates? What about people waiting until their married for personal or spiritual reasons? Are we that obsessed with sex that someone willingly not having it…yeah, I don’t think I need to finish that statement; we all know that’s what “they” think. “They” are idiots.

All they did was give the movie free press, and you know people who originally weren’t planning on going and know nothing about a proper portrayal of the character went in defiance of the anti-gun groups, the hysterical media, and the poor victims who were misused to push their own narrative. I don’t care where you stand on the gun rights issue, this is the kind of nonsense that ticks me off, taking advantage of victims for their own end, and not just in the gun war. This movie should have been scuttled because it’s a bad portrayal of the Joker, almost on purpose, and not because of a Y2K level scare that mass chaos was going to happen opening weekend. Remember, Y2K and the Aztec apocalypse never happened either. You’d think we’d learn. Instead the press and this groups end up causing more chaos and mass hysteria than the movie did.

And you know the real Joker, if he wasn’t a work of fiction, would be laughing his butt off over that.

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