She even looks more likable than her other versions. Typical modern DC.

Look, I have nothing against diversity or inclusion or whatever the popular term is this month. However, the story is becoming less and less important than checking off the token character checklist and these two articles are proof of that. From /Film comes a report that Disney is creating a tool that treats diversity levels like an SEO optimization program. Meanwhile, Bounding Into Comics reports that the British Academy of Film and Television Arts is requiring a set number of tokens in a show to be eligible for their annual award whether or not they fit into the story. I understand wanting a character “like you” but remember when writing good stories with good characters was what mattered? Plus you’re taking something important as representation is supposed to be and basically turning it into a game of Tokenism Bingo, which cheapens the “victory” even more.

So where’s the shy shut-in comic creator Christian that isn’t treated like a psycho villain? Oh right, Japan. Japan is better at writing Christians than the US and they have less Christians than this country has Pauly Shore fans. NOW can we stop talking about politics and go back to apolitical complaining about or supporting the results of dying creativity from professional storytellers?

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