I want to talk about something fun this week besides intros so let’s talk about a Batman video game that became a different property.

It’s not unusual for a game or other property to start out as one thing and end up something different. For example 50 Shades Of Grey started out as Twilight fanfic, two things the world would have been better off without, but I digress. A video game takes so long to produce that assets need to earn their price in another project should the first one fail. Besides, nobody cares if the same desk lamp from a movie ends up in a TV show five years later so as long as they actually do something with it so it looks different I’m not going to complain. There are plenty of other factors waiting to ruin the experience if they messed it up.

Now imagine working on a Batman video game set in the Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy” but the game was cancelled. Would you think the solution would be to turn it into a Lord Of The Rings game? Apparently Monolith Productions did, as shown in the following video from the series Game History Secrets. Since this surprisingly involves the game FEAR there are a few written swears and minor gore.

Catch more episodes on the Did You Know? Gaming YouTube channel

I wonder if Monolith’s game could be made now that the Arkham series is done and the Telltale games were ended when the company closed? Plus who doesn’t want to see Batman fight orcs? Okay, that wasn’t in the Apollo game but really, who doesn’t want to see it?

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