Later they just went and read it online.

Bart Simpson #48

Bongo Comics Group (2009)

“The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!” part 2

SCRIPT: Batton Lash

PENCILER: Tone Rodriguez

INKER: Andrew Pepoy

COLORIST: Art Villanueva

LETTERER: Karen Bates

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Wait, these are the same people from last issue. Seriously, all I did was copy/paste in the original review, too. It’s not a real modern crossover unless there’s fifteen different teams who have little contact with each other and mess up the continuity, with only one writer who has the “right” to declare what actually happened (as soon as he figures it out himself).

Bart and the boys, and most of Springfield, are distracted by the “mysterious” changes coming to the Radioactive Man comics. And that’s just how Krusty wants it. However, the guys obtain a bunch of signatures from those wanting to be sure the changes will be good ones, but are blocked by the secretary. Undeterred, our heroes sneak into the back, getting a sneak peek at the “creative” processes at the comic company. They do finally get their petition into Krusty’s hands, which just happen to be right over the trash can.

What they got right: You know, we all knew that’s what goes on in the backrooms of the comic companies. Just look at any blog post or forum. We’re all right about this. WE ARE VINDICATED! Unless we’re not.

What they got wrong: No, I think they’ve got this over-hype machine pretty figured out.

Recommendation: The finale takes place in Simpsons Super Special #9, so soon we’ll all know what the new Radioactive Man is going to be like.

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