It’s not a DC Universe without Starro.

Justice League Adventures #5

DC Comics (May, 2002)

“The Star-Conqueror”

WRITER: Todd Seavey

PENCILER: Chris Jones

INKER: Al Nickerson

COLORIST: John Kalisz


LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway


EDITOR: Dan Raspler

A ship crashes to Earth and the Justice League find all but one member of the crew dead, their lifeforce drained by starfish creatures. DC regulars know it as Starro The Conqueror and she’s coming for Earth next. With Batman and Martian Manhunter staying behind the other journey to the current planet under attack, only Flash and another Green Lantern named Godunn escaping her starfish children. They manage to free the League but Starro prepares to spawn and open a gateway to Earth until Godunn sacrifices himself to destroy her.

What they got right: As a take on Starro this works pretty well. We see what it’s like for people under her control, with Superman able to fight her control long enough for Flash to free him. And unlike its appearance in Batman Beyond it goes on the face rather than the chest, an excuse for Superman to have his heat vision while fighting Terry I guess but this is more accurate.

What they got wrong: Speaking of that Batman Beyond episode if he fought Starro in this story why did he not know what the starfish creature was in that future story? It would be a minor nitpick were it not for the Adventures books often ignoring the cartoons they’re based on when it suits the writer. John is still acting like he has to learn that the League isn’t inferior to the Green Lantern Corp and still is being a jerk compared to his TV representation (or even his comics one).  Oh, and here we go again with using the classic UFO devotees “gray” aliens and using them in your story. Can we stop doing that now? Please?

Recommendation: A good story overall, worth looking into.

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  1. […] these sections to think it’s a bad story because it’s not. However, isn’t Starro supposed to be dead in the DCAU tie-ins? Is it a different Starro? Forget messing up the cartoon continuity, now […]


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