This one has been sitting in the “filler video” cue longer than I intended. It’s time to fix that.

If you’ve been here long enough you’ve seen every new piece of media being blamed for the rise in crime. That’s rather easy compared to solving the actual cultural problems. Blame it on a movie, blame it on comics, blame it on television, blame it on video games. That’s the way people scared of something new will use to look like they’re solving the problem because it’s something they didn’t grow up with and thus do not understand. Naturally people aren’t apprehensive about new things will question those comments and even more naturally people who love those new media will gladly defend it. Neither side do so from an unbiased perspective because like everything else nobody wants their point of view challenged. “Agree with the hivemind I’m part of or be shunned/eliminated” is the order of the day. Just look at Twitter these days. There’s a reason I’m not on there much unless I’m posting something I want to promote.

Mathew “MatPat” Patrick of Game Theory decided to actually put his defense of video games against accusations that violent video games make people violent to the test by actually looking at the research as unbiased as he could to see if the world his newborn son will grow up in is indeed a world better off without his favorite media. Was his defense justified or does daddy have some explaining to do?

Catch more Game Theory at the Game Theorists’ YouTube channel.


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