Everybody has their own favorite incarnation of The War Of The Worlds…except obviously people who don’t care about the franchise. For me it’s the George Pal movie but few of them actually base themselves off of the original H.G. Wells novel, preferring to go their own direction with the concept. I do have a graphic novel adaptation though and I do hope to get to a Scanning My Collection review of the time Superman fought the tripod-driving aliens. The average person may think of one of the more recent movies or the famous radio play by Orson Wells (no relation) that has been overblown by history. No, the country did not go into a blind panic. That was fake news, with reports that it was actually someone at the newspaper who hated those newfangled radios for being a quick news source. You see what I keep saying about old media hating new media?

However, did you know that in addition to the one novel and numerous comic book, movie, and even other audio adaptations there were video games? For this Halloween I bring you a video from Slopes Game Room going over the history of this franchise, including the parts you didn’t know about.

Catch more Slopes Game Room on Daniel Ibbertson YouTube channel.

I don’t know if the virtual experience mentioned is still going. This video game out on March 10th of 2019 so it might not be going on now. Then again I live in Connecticut, USA, not England, so I don’t really know. I also don’t know how to see the TV show he mentioned. It does show that series really does have legs.

I apologize for nothing.

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