For the past few years I’ve been taking part in the Art Soundoff challenge, a podcast-style journaling challenge where you take maybe 15 minutes to discuss your art day and what your thinking about. If you’re here then you’ve probably seen mine for 2019, posted on weekdays due to BW Media Spotlight’s posting schedule. However I’m not the only one taking part.

As per usual I want to take a moment to highlight all the other participants in this year’s challenge, started by Lean Into Artcast hosts Jerzy Drozd and Rob Stenzinger, and featuring more than the three of us this year, where last year there weren’t that many participating. One of the participants has opted to switch her journals to unlisted due to…stuff…but is still making them, which is fine. The point is to help the creator think more about their own artistic approach. The rest have at least not told me to not include them so here’s everyone using the #ArtSoundoff hashtag on Twitter this November and discussing their craft publicly. This year many of them went with for their host, which proved a bit of a challenge finding the link that I could use with my host, but luckily I’m resourceful.

First we look at the two hosts. You already know about Jerzy if you follow my v-logs because I responded to two of his posts, but here he his with new editions of Thunder Punch Daily describing how he’s using this year’s challenge to both preview his upcoming Transformers podcast, Four Million Years Later, and discussing how our favorite robots in disguise influence his own writing and style.

Rob Stenzinger‘s on the other hand I couldn’t find a way to embed here but if you go to the page for “Re-introduction” you’ll see how the other half of Lean Into Art is approaching Art Soundoff this year. I said I was resourceful. I didn’t say I didn’t have limits. Both of them have also talked about this project and what they think thus far on their regular podcast, Lean Into Art. I can post that at least.

Returning to Art Soundoff this year is Leonard Angelo. His also I couldn’t figure out how to embed here (the other two both use, and I’ve learned how to beat that system…for now) so here’s his return to Art Soundoff. His style is rather interesting. He rambles more than I do but somehow it’s a better listen than mine. I don’t know how he does it.

Rachel Ross of Grok-It Science hasn’t done a lot of Art Soundoff posts  (or at least hasn’t listed them with the tag–I think she’s testing the service for a science podcast) but she has done a couple. Here’s her introduction. This is her first time in the challenge.

Because she’s not on Twitter I missed hearing this one because that’s where I’m following the tag, but luckily she was mentioned in the Lean Into Artcast episode above. Synia Sidhe is doing a series of really short Art Soundoff posts on her channel. How short? Here’s her introduction. I’ll have to get caught up with that.

And finally (not counting the one going private that I know of and any others I don’t) we have the other new contributor, Hiroshi Parodox. While he has done one in video form the rest are in audio. Here’s how he introduces himself to the challenge.

If you want to follow everyone who comes in after this look for the #artsoundoff hashtag on Twitter and the Twitter page for Art Soundoff. To find out how to join us, check out the official website and all of the prompts for this year. And uses the other links to find the contributors on Twitter and their websites. And of course stay tuned here for more of my Art Soundoff posts. Happy creating!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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