I know on Sunday I said this would be the start of the Richie Rich: Rich Rescue comics but I looked over the reviews I did and they’re fine. I really want to push ahead with comic reviews and there’s one Rocketeer comic I have yet to review.

“I’ve been replaced by a little girl?”

The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine #1

Comico The Comic Company (July, 1998)

The Rocketeer: “Cliff’s New York Adventure”


COLORIST: Henry Mayo with Dave Stevens

LETTERER: Carrie Spiegle

Galactic Girl Guides: “Buy, Buy, Birdie”

WRITERS/ARTISTS/COLORISTS: Elaine Lee & Michael Kaluta

INKER: Charles Vess

LETTERER: John Workman

The feature story continues from an issue in Eclipse Comics. The Rocketeer is an outlaw or something now and Betty runs off with some guy who can further her career without telling Cliff she’s leaving. However, the guy is planning to use her for a few laughs and toss her aside but Cliff couldn’t convince her of that I guess. Cliff flies to New York hoping to win her back after a report in the news claims the Rocketeer is dead, presumably from that same previous story. Cliff meets a friend named Goose Gander, who has a potential job for him. Cliff ends up in a fight with the other guy, supposed talent agent Marco, but it’s broken up by Mr. Jonas, the owner of the club. (And without going over the odd history of the character, he’s basically an alias for The Shadow. Sadly I don’t think we get that crossover.) Hurt by Cliff’s words she returns to Los Angeles rather than going off with Marco and Cliff is now broke in New York, meaning he may have to take Mr. Jonas’ job offer.

I love the art, and there’s nothing wrong with the story. However, this was my introduction to The Rocketeer (I think I heard of him previously but I’m not certain) and there is no Rocketeer action beyond Betty having a dream where Cliff is killed by the police. The story is fine and I didn’t catch the nod to the Shadow (who was a hero in the time period the series takes place in) until recently and I still had to research to be sure (it’s a long story and I alluded to it in the Shadow’s Saturday Night Showcase). I liked it but it wasn’t the story to come in on.

Meanwhile the back-up feature (after an article about actual pilot George Townson we get a story from a series I never heard of, as one of the characters tells a story from her childhood as part of the Galactic Girl Guides, a spacefaring version of the Girl Scouts. Frankly I couldn’t follow it because every talks with an accent that Cliff himself wouldn’t understand and I lost interest. I can’t tell you if the story’s good but the art was okay.

Overall, like I said, this is not a bad issue but not one to come in on. Maybe with the previous issues it’s one to continue on though.

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