According to my own search engine I have never used this special for Saturday Night Showcase. I don’t believe it either. Well, at least it’s officially here now. Sure it’s a day early before December but who cares? It’s one of those movies you need to see.

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians is a low-budget movie from 1964, which has earned a rather infamous cult status as being so bad it’s hilarious. It’s also famous for introducing a young Pia Zadora to the world of cinema as a Martian child. The story finds Martian children watching Earth programs, including an interview with Santa Claus. Worrying the TV is making them lazy the ruler of Mars decides to kidnap Santa Claus because reasons but grabs two Earth children at the same time. Santa and his young friends must convince the Martian leader to accept Christmas while dealing with one Martian who wants to keep his people warlike and scorns individuality. Can Christmas win out? Of course it can, this is a Christmas movie for kids.

The movie is in public domain so finding a copy of this movie is rather easy.

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