Godzilla didn’t take kindly to Chekov’s “dye his skin orange” practical joke.

Star Trek #43

DC Comics (October, 1987)

“The Return Of The Serpent” part 1: “Paradise Lost!”

WRITER: Michael Carlin

PENCILER: Tom Sutton

INKER: Ricardo Villagran

COLORIST: Michele Wolfman

LETTERER: Augustin Mag

EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

The Enterprise arrives at Gamma Trianguli VI, the mission they were given last issue to see how things have changed since their previous visit. Almost immediately the away team of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Bryce, and Konom are attacked by a dinosaur-like creature. Konom, a pacifist Klingon if you don’t remember, is reluctant to take part in the fight, but is forced to in order to save Nancy, but is worried that any fighting may lead to him becoming as warlike as his kinfolk. After dispatching the creature readings indicate was never there they come across Makota, one of the natives they interacted with on their last visit who is now leader of his own tribe. However, he’s not a good person now and drugs the crew in the hopes of gaining his own godslayer reputation, but the drug doesn’t work on Konom, who escapes rather fight. Makota decides to challenge McCoy to a battle on “horse”back and marry Nancy so that he will be wed to a goddess. Spock, Kirk, and Chekov manage to escape their torturers and run into Konom, who is willing to have the Vaalites, ones hoping Vaal (the computer god they destroyed in “The Apple”) will return. While they do manage to rescue everyone, the crew still on board suddenly passes out.

What they got right: The idea of the crew, as Kirk put it last issue, visiting a familiar old planet instead of a strange new one is a rare tale. Granted I haven’t read every novel and comic out there but usually return visits are handled by one of the spin-offs. We get insights into Konom’s personality as well as his relationship with Bryce (that’s her last name, Nancy Bryce–he’s not dating our reindeer hero).

What they got wrong: However, we do also see the beginnings of my problem with this arc overall that I’ll save for a later chapter. While Scotty and Sulu rag on Bearclaw’s advice to go down and help the away team he turns out to be right, so bad decision there guys.

Recommendation: I like the arc overall but as you’ll see I do have one huge problem with it that will be a separate article. That said it is worth checking out.

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