Is figgy pudding even that good it requires you to demand it?

I love Christmas music. That should be obvious given one of my two Christmas playlists on YouTube is only Christmas music and I try to add more to it every Christmas. (It’s not easy keeping Penatonix from taking it over. They put out a lot of great Christmas music on their channel.) However, I am willing to admit that not every Christmas song is a winner. We’ve seen that when I took on the holiday failure that is “Do They Know It’s Christmas“, the article that led to Sing Me A Story, which I try to get a Christmas song into each year. Some songs aren’t even really about Christmas but somehow get played only for the holidays every year.

YouTube personality The Rap Critic takes a look at a few timeless classics and covers and showcases how the wrong lyric can meddle even the yuletide message. He swears once or twice but it’s deserved considering the song he’s tearing apart. You know the one.

Catch more Rap Critic videos on his YouTube channel.

I actually think the Count from Sesame Street did a better job with “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” because he’s not trying to be a kid. I’ve already discussed “Santa Baby” in a Sing Me A Story article, where I went over all the references in the song for those of us who grew up after they were no longer culturally relevant. I have to agree with “12 Days Of Christmas”. There is an interesting history to it…I think. I even made fun of it for a Christmas special prior to Captain Yuletide. And you already know my thoughts on “Do They Know It’s Christmas” so let’s just get back to enjoying the Christmas music.

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