Guess what other franchise I don’t have in my image library. Man, I miss Zemanta.

Lord Of The Rings is one of the biggest fantasy movie franchises out there, based on the also popular series of books by J.R.R. Tolkien. The movies took the occasional adaptation change, like how Sauron is now a fiery eyeball on top of a tower instead of…a dude, but fans of the books tend to enjoy the movies. One of the secrets of the movies’ success is how Peter Jackson created the magical and dangerous world of Middle Earth using a combination of practical and digital effects. In the two videos below the Corridor Crew, computer effect experts thanks to many years of creating low-budget VFX action comedy videos for YouTube as well as projects for other people, take a look at just how they created those effects despite 2001-2003 not being as advanced as they are now. Special effects is ever changing.

Catch more Corridor Crew, including the Hobbit comparison video, on their YouTube channel and see what they make on the Corridor Digital channel.

It is nice to see a combination of practical and digital effects were used. I have nothing against computer effects but sometimes it’s better to have the stunt actually happen than fake it, and sometimes faking it, if done right, is the way to go.

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