I’d like to see Shadiversity explain this one.

Iron Man volume 3 #59

Marvel Comics (November, 2002)

“In Shining Iron” part 1


COLORIST: Arisa Rozegar

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Mark Sumerak & Andy Schmidt

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

A call that Iron Man’s current helmet ended up being excavated from a site in the 1002 convinces him that his new time machine can indeed work, and jumps right in despite Pepper’s concerns. She’s right, since it messes with Iron Man’s armor leaving him to fight without his weapons systems when he’s attacked by a knight and then rescues a girl from a bunch of them. They turn out to be the king’s guards because she’s actually evil, and now has Tony captive. Back in the present the archaeologists arrive with the helmet they found, and the skull inside.

What they got right: There is mention of the last time Tony went back to medieval England, so yay for continuity. Grell may not be interesting in writing an Iron Man story in favor of general sci-fi (I’d be willing to believe he did this time travel story just to tie Iron Man to knights via armor) but he draws the characters very well, aided by the great coloring work.

What they got wrong: Tony is not this stupid. Oh he’s stupid enough to accidentally rescue a bad girl like Aislinn, especially when she’s hot (nobody tell Rumiko). I mean he’s not dumb enough to test a machine like this when he was just shown the potentially bad results. Sure he didn’t know about the skull in the helmet but he did know the helmet ended up centuries in the past and you’d think he’d wait to see the thing or take Pepper’s advice and make a shorter trip through time. The story doesn’t mention it but I’m betting he wants to save Pepper’s baby, which is still being used as a wedge between her and Happy since she still hasn’t told him, a decision I also take issue with. Still, he’s smarter than that.

Recommendation: A decent start to the story but we’ll have to see where it ends up before I can properly recommend it. Grell is a good writer and we see a good artist, but I don’t think he really wanted to be on this title.

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