Iron Man #149 (Toy Biz)

I’m not sure they make eye drops for this.

Iron Man #149

Marvel Comics (August, 1981)

My copy is a 2002 reprint released with Toy Biz’s “Marvel Legends” Iron Man figure, which I reviewed over at my other site.

WRITER: David Michelinie
PENCILER: John Romita, Jr
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
EDITOR: Jim Salicrut

When Tony learns one of his people sold electronics to Doctor Doom he calls the ship back, although Iron Man has to deal with pirates first. He also fires the guy since Stark International has a long-standing policy of not selling to Latveria, even though Doom is not in charge and the current government is more than happy to help Stark deal with Doom. In the midst of the fight, however, Doom’s forced aide, Hauptman, sees an opportunity and uses the time machine to send both Doom and Iron Man to someplace else, hoping to rid himself of the former tyrant (Doom that is; this is before Civil War) forever!

What they got right: The story appears standard for Iron Man versus Doctor Doom but it’s still entertaining. The art is very good, of course considering Romita and Layton are two of the best and Sharen’s coloring is nothing to laugh at.

What they got wrong: It is a rather basic story, but it’s trying to set up a larger storyline.

Other notes: And I know what that storyline is since I have one of those CD collections Toy Biz put out. It’s not one of the full run sets. It just has the rest of this arc as Doom and Iron Man find themselves in King Arthur’s time. If I can dig the disk out I’ll review it, but this version has summaries read by Robert Hayes page by page, places to click for sound effects, and Easter Eggs to other reprints, featuring Iron Man and I believe Doom’s origin, mixing clips from the Iron Man and Fantastic Four cartoons of the time. (Sadly, season 1, but the origin stories were the only good episodes…barely.)

Recommendation: I recommend the full storyline but this issue, despite being nothing spectacular, is still a decent read on its own and worth picking up, especially if you are going for the time travel story that follows for the next few issues.


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  1. […] they got right: There is mention of the last time Tony went back to medieval England, so yay for continuity. Grell may not be interesting in writing […]


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