I’m a bit under the weather today (yesterday for you guys) so I don’t have a full commentary in me. So I have to break out the filler video although I’ve been trying to save those for Saturday Night Showcase or alternating the Morning Article Link with a Morning Video. I like to focus on multiple experiences because it’s all storytelling to me. This however is not actually about story telling since that would take too much time.

What do you do when you really enjoy a game but have played it to death? You create challenges. “Can beat the game without a certain weapon or any weapons?” Pokemon players have the Nuzlock challenge, where if their Pokemon faints it isn’t revived and treated like it died. (A bit dark for a kids game but whatever.) And of course you have games with different difficulty levels so if you started on a lower difficulty you can try again at the higher one. These challenges keep the games fresh and give you a new…well, challenge.

The most popular online for the general video game catalogue is the “speedrun”, where you try to complete the game faster than you did before. In the days when games had time limits I’m guessing this was easy because some levels it was a necessity. However, the speedrun has continued on with games that have no time limits but do have counters for how long it took to beat a level with all the other challenges completed, like 100% of the enemies. Sometimes it’s even as simple as getting to the end of a stage while ignoring percents. You make the challenge you want. Did You Know Gaming? takes a look at the history of this challenge, how it got so popular, and how it continues to evolve. It actually took some time.

Catch more Did You Know Gaming? and their other shows on their YouTube channel.

And no, I don’t do speedruns. Considering how bad I am simply completing the game is challenge enough for me. 🙂

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