“It’s Brian Michael Bendis, Tom King, Zack Snyder, and Dan DiDio! Run for your proper character portrayals!”

Justice League Unlimited #1

DC Comics (November, 2004)

“Divide & Conquer”

WRITER: Adam Beechen

PENCILER: Carlo Barberi

INKER: Walden Wong

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Nick J. Napolitano

EDITOR: Tom Palmer, Jr.

For some reason I stopped picking up the regular Justice League comic, and restarted with this series, a tie-in to the revamped show, where more of the DC Universe’s heroes got to be showcased in the DCAU. In this story Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain Atom all went crazy at different points, causing destruction but thankfully not hurting any people. Zatanna couldn’t find a cause, so the three Leaguers thought it was best to quit. That’s when Despearo and Brainiac appear, with three of the most powerful members gone, discussing a sentient virus that they used to control the heroes. The quitting was a ruse to draw them out however, and the heroes managed to defeat the villains.

What they got right: Well, it is a form of mind control they weren’t ready for, I’ll give the writer credit there. It’s a fair mystery and shows the heroes are as smart as they are powerful.

What they got wrong: The story itself isn’t that exciting. Despero I don’t think had much of a DCAU presence but he doesn’t really do much of anything outside of holding a control device for the virus. Why is Brainiac working with him…and how, since he’s still trying to get a new body around this time?

Recommendation: Not a terrible story, and a decent read, but not one to go crazy yourself trying to find an issue.

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