Apparently Tony is learning from Goku.

Iron Man volume 3 #62

Marvel Comics (February, 2003)

“You Can’t Always Get…” part 1

WRITER: Mike Grell

PENCILER: Michael Ryan

INKER: Sean Parsons

COLORIST: Arsia Rozegar

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Marc Sumerak & Andy Scmidt

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Tony and Rumiko go Christmas shopping and as they leave they come upon a homeless girl. Tony takes her to Haven and we see Shelly is still there and doing fine. However, Tony’s own Christmas party gets interrupted when the Navy calls him for help. A ship was sunk by a former Russian submarine captain working with, and betraying, an Iraqi terror group looking to make the US pay. The Russian has his own plans for the bomb they’re carrying. Iron Man goes to rescue the submersible sent to investigate the sunk US destroyer before the storm gets worse. Iron Man is successful but gets dragged down by the wreck. The question is how the missing angel statue from a New York church plays into this?

What they got right: It may not be a supervillain but Iron Man versus terrorists isn’t such a bad thing. Rumiko is beginning to learn what it’s like to be with Tony, but is she going to be a fit into Tony’s life?

What they got wrong: The continued destruction of Pepper and Happy’s relationship, and frankly all the blame is on Pepper for not telling Happy what’s going on and driving him away. However, Grell also seems to be trying to turn Happy into a budding alcoholic and we already have that with both Tony and Carol, so I am not happy about this. The movie fanboy stuff Grell is adding to Tony is getting old. Did we really need a reference to A Christmas Story when Tony and Ru meet up with a mall Santa?

Recommendation: For the most part a good start to the two-issue arc. We’ll see how it ends but outside of Pepper and Happy’s continued mishandling it’s a potentially good story.


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  1. […] Continued from last issue, Iron Man manages to escape the sub and a giant squid. While going over the log with the recovery team he finds a second signal that turns out to be the submarine the terrorists are using to deliver the bomb. As he pursues it and manages to get the bomb it appears that he may not defuse it in time until a bright light brings him back to Earth. Could it be tied to the missing angel statue that suddenly returned AND Rumiko’s mysterious run in with Angela (who mysteriously disappears during the discussion) that manages to convince the woman that maybe Tony is on to something with the whole helping people thing? […]


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