Since I talked about audio dramas last night I though tonight I could actually bring you one. Instead of going to another one from the old radio days I opted for something new and fan-created. This one is rather imaginative but it started as something else.

Lawrence Simpson, better known by his screen name MasakoX, is famous online for his role as Goku and Gohan on the now ended Dragon Ball Z Abridged, but that’s not his only connection to Dragon Ball fandom. On his own channel he has produced numerous videos talking about the series and both examining characters and themes as well as going over the history of the franchise both in an out of universe. Every now and then he has also created a series of “what if” scenarios, some of them going from multiple chapters, in which an event is altered and a new timeline is formed, one wildly different from the official stories by Akira Toriyama. Minor changes like Goku not learning his signature Kamehameha Wave technique or never meeting a minor character has on occasion created an entire new series of events which has on occasion lead to worse or even better scenarios for your favorite characters.

One of those scenarios is “What If Raditz Turned Good?“, where Goku and Gohan somehow manage to reform Raditz instead of sending him to…another dimension. Or HFIL or whatever explanation you prefer. He’s dead either way in those scenarios but in this one Raditz works alongside his brother Goku, marries forgotten character Launch and has a daughter named Ranch who ends up having adventures of her own with cousin Goten and family friend Trunks. Instead of using the DBZA actors of Team Four Star, Masako opted to bring in new actors who just wanted to play both the famous characters and the ones that formed in his alternate reality, though he still plays Goku and Gohan. The show became known as Dragon Ball R&R, and tonight I bring you the first episode from this alternate reality. The video contains an animated intro with images depicting the scene acted, but it’s an audio drama so you don’t have to watch it to enjoy it, but in some of the fights it does admittedly help. Join the kids and their fathers (minus Vegeta, who doesn’t care for Raditz) as they play a game of musical fusions to see who has the strongest fusion.

More episodes (five as of this writing) and behind the scenes in this playlist and check out the rest of his video while you’re on his channel anyway.

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